Vacuum Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction

Although pills have revolutionized the way, the urologists treat erectile dysfunction, for many patients they simply don’t work. Well, there’s been a solution that’s been available long before the pills ever came on the market but only now is receiving the attention it deserves, as more and more patients and doctors alike are more willing to talk about this condition. The treatment that I’m referring to is vacuum erection therapy. It’s a straightforward, easy to use therapy, which has almost no side effects and can be utilized for virtually any patient with erectile dysfunction.

The vacuum penis pump consists of a cylinder that is placed over the penis. On top of the cylinder is a mechanism, which creates a vacuum within the bottle. In this case, it’s a battery-operated device. By pressing the button, I activate a pump which starts to evacuate the air from inside the cylinder, and that creates a vacuum that draws blood into the penis. I’ve turned on the bottle; a vacuum is created, and the penis becomes erect. Once the penis is fully erect, a ring at the base of the cylinder is released that tightly fits around the penis, trapping the blood within the penis, keeping it erect. After the patient has intercourse and is all done, that ring is released and removed from the penis, and a penis can become flaccid.

A lubricating gel is used to create an effective seal between the base of the cylinder and the penis. And this device can be used in addition to sexual activity for penile conditioning.

It has become recognized now that after prostate cancer surgery or any event of other causes of severe erectile dysfunction, there can be a gradual shrinkage of the penis over time. The use of a vacuum device like this for conditioning that is to cycle blood through the penis for about 10 to 20 minutes a day, not necessarily for intercourse, can restore the length that is lost over time due to severe erectile dysfunction.

So both for the convenience of sexual activity without the need for pills, or injections, or surgery, as well as for the restoration of lost penile length and conditioning of the penis, to improve the response of the penis over time. The vacuum erection device is a tried and true remedy that is just as relevant and fruitful today as it was back a hundred years when it was first introduced.

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